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I was the poster mom for doing it all, a teacher-principal, with kids of my own struggling emotionally at home and Family Crisis playing on repeat.  On the outside, people gave me a lot of approval. “How do you keep going?” But on the inside, I knew I was selling out.

The truth was I was constantly trying to do more, fix everything, and make everyone happy, thinking that would finally make me feel like I was enough.


It was all to make me feel better about me.

What I felt like instead was a fraud, a failure, and a cheap-ass fake. 

I only saw one choice for myself. 


Get approval. 

Do all the "right" things. 

Above all, be a “good mom.”


Then, a life coach told me that my story about my family was just a cover. She called me out on my big hustle.

And after that I decided to stop making my family’s problems be the convenient excuse for my own sh*t.

I started showing up as the real me. 

A complete mess some days, no apologies.

Other days, the best version of myself.

Whether your kids are young, teens, or older, your real life is yours to live fully, and you can choose to be the real YOU anytime.  You can say YES to what you want and NO to what you don’t.

You can validate and approve of yourself. No one else needs to do that. 

You can tell the truth about how you feel and what you want - and you will feel so free and alive when you do.

But first you have to get out of the hustle-for-your-self-worth game.

Have a question about your kids' behavior, neurodiversity, family dynamics, or coaching? Just want to connect with someone who gets how next-level your family's struggles are?  Email me, mama! 
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