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You do You.

Here's the deal.

I see you.

You work SO hard, and, you may be asking, for what?!

You're reaching the point of dysfunction in one or more areas of your life now, and it's starting to scare you.

Maybe you're:

  • Overeating.

  • Drinking too much wine.

  • Mindlessly scrolling on social media and feeling worse about yourself with every swipe.

  • Spending beyond your means. 

These are all symptoms of trying to be everything to everyone for far too long.

Your brain is seeking pleasure, relief, and comfort. It's designed to do that. It thinks you'll be safe that way. 

With coaching, I'll show you a tool that helps you identify the origin of these issues. Once we know where they originate, we can address them. No bypassing, no avoiding, no denying, but instead seeing clearly, illuminating, and pinpointing. 

*First we'll make sure you feel emotionally safe, and then if at any time during coaching trauma support is indicated, I will refer you to a certifed trauma professional. 

Especially for the moms with extra crazy challenging lives - coaching shows you where you have control and where you don't, and how no mental health diagnosis, family emergency, or even a world pandemic can match your ability to utilize emotional intelligence to show up for yourself and your family with love and resilience.  

If you decide that you want to try coaching with me, this is what you can expect:

  • You will get to know and love yourself again!

  • You'll identify the core pain points that are the real issues in your life.

  • You'll replace people-pleasing with true self-care.

  • You'll take away a tool and skill that .you can utilize for literally any future problem.

  • You'll feel lighter. (Every client has told me this, so I must include it).


Who is my 1:1 coaching NOT for?

  • Women who want a step-by-step TO DO list. (We are throwing lists away here!)

  • Moms who have perfect families without any problems. (Please just go enjoy that. ;)

  • Anyone who doesn't vibe with me. (No hard feelings - just find someone who does!)

Ready to try coaching? There are 3 steps to getting started.


Sign up for a Story Sketch, a fun art journaling process that reveals the type of story you are telling yourself. (It's free)


Try out a strategy we select together for your current family struggle. 


Create your new family reality in Your New Story, my 6-week 1:1 coaching program
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